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Axis Innovation provides custom technology and startup scouting for corporations and governments. We help you find the right technologies, talent, and companies you need to solve technology challenges and create new business opportunities. Our approach is interactive and hands-on, ensuring close collaboration with you throughout every step of the process - from strategy and scouting to starting a pilot, securing a business partnership, or closing an investment.

  • Let’s get set. Deep dive into your strategic vision, goals, KPI’s, and scouting focus areas. 

  • Engagement with internal business units and external industry experts. 

  • Market research, industry reports, and relevant trend analysis.



  • It’s game time. Active scouting within your specific focus areas, sectors, and geography. 

  • Full coverage of solutions using our proprietary database and active partner network.

  • Validation of startups with our network of advisors and experts.



  • Let’s make deals. Management of startup relationships from introduction, NDA, data room, Q&A, up to decision.

  • Full support on operations including diligence assistance.



RITA chose Axis as a key partner due to its leading expertise in Israel's startup ecosystem. Axis team dealt perfectly with M.Video-Eldorado specific requests as well as brought extra value to all of RITA members, showing the utmost flexibility. Based on Axis' efforts RITA’s session in Israel enabled top Russian retailers to identify and initiate communication with relevant startups.

Sergey Semenchenko

Senior Innovation Manager

Who: One of the world’s largest mining companies.

What: The CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) team of this company selected Axis Innovation as their Israel scouting partner. They were very interested in Israel, and wanted to have a local partner on the ground to scout and build a strong pipeline of deals. We worked closely with their ventures and scientific team on a monthly basis to review deals, local ecosystem trends, and manage relationships with startups from introduction to diligence. 


  • Created multiple in-depth market reports

  • Scouted over 200 startups in targeted sectors that offered novel technologies

  • Ongoing discussions and diligence with selected startups

Who: Retail Innovation Tech Alliance (RITA) was created by 4 leading Russian retail and technology companies in order to scout and adopt innovations globally.

What: RITA selected Axis Innovation as their Israel & Europe scouting partner over a one year period. We worked with multiple innovation teams to understand their business  challenges and goals, then conducted in-depth market research and scouting. We validated and filtered companies to create multiple demo days, leading to several pilots with startups. 


  • Scouted 700+ startups in 7 countries with over 20 partners

  • 30 companies selected for demo days

  • 10 companies initiated pilot discussions with business units

  • After successful Israel scouting, we expanded our focus to Europe as well.

Who: CEVT is one of the world’s leading automotive companies, part of the Geely group.

What: CEVT selected Axis Innovation as their Israel scouting partner for 6 months. We conducted market research, mapped the current mobility ecosystem, and led in-depth scouting across specific mobility focus areas - leading to their first successful pilot with an Israeli company and the establishment of a local Israel office. 


  • Scouted 300+ mobility, autonomous, and digital solutions across the Israeli ecosystem and engaged dozens of local partners. 

  • Hosted the innovation team on a 3 day innovation tour with over 20 1-1 meetings

  • First successful pilot with Israeli startup Noveto, scouted and managed by Axis Innovation

  • Based on our work together, CEVT opened an office in Israel to expand their innovation activities and is today a key OEM active in the ecosystem. 


Are you ready to take your scouting to the next level?

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