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Axis Innovation’s Decarbonization Scouting is a unique service to help global corporations achieve decarbonization goals faster through successful startup collaboration. 

Decarbonization is one of the most important and pressing issues for companies today. According to PwC research, the world needs to decarbonize seven times as fast as the current rate to limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial averages. The need for innovative ways to mitigate, measure and adapt to climate change has become more urgent due to regulation and shareholder requirements, and the need for climate technology continues to rise. 

Why Climate Tech Startups?

Companies need a multi pronged strategy to build institutional competence and achieve their decarbonization goals. One of these is open innovation - working with technology startups for short, medium, and long-term innovation goals. 


Technology innovation and climate tech startups will play a critical role in bending the decarbonisation arc. Today, there are thousands of climate tech startups and companies globally, with hundreds created every year and continuing to rise. Total venture and private equity investments in climate tech reached nearly $1 Trillion in 2022.

Why Axis Innovation?

Sourcing, filtering, and creating successful partnerships with startups requires unique skills, experience, and expertise outside of traditional corporate strategy or R&D. This is where we come in. 


Axis Innovation is a boutique corporate and innovation advisory firm. We are experts at startup scouting and partnerships with a unique focus on energy transition and climate tech. We have over a decade of experience in startup scouting, dealmaking, and innovation strategy for global corporations and governments. Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped dozens of our clients find precisely the technologies they need and establish successful startup partnerships in the forms of investments, POC’s, JV’s, partnerships, and more. We provide a true personalized touch and customize work according to your specific needs and goals.

Our Secret Sauce:

  • Experience

    Trusted by global leaders

  • Expertise

    Open innovation is our speciality 

  • Network

    Connected to leading players globally

Services include:

  • Open Innovation strategy & thesis development

  • Market research and trends analysis

  • Global Scouting of startups for engagement and filtering

  • Advisory services from first meeting, diligence assistance, to deal closing

 "Axis innovation was selected by EDP Innovation, given their rich knowledge and local contact base in the startup and innovation ecosystem. The team was well organized and were able to curate and moderate sessions with energy specific players. Our interaction with Axis was successful and we certainly look forward to working with them again"

Christina Lock

Director People & Communications

@EDP Innovation

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