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In-depth ecosystem, market and industry analysis

Recommendations of best practices of top industry players

Interviews with industry experts, synthesized into a concise report

Business plan and strategy roadmapping

Operations and A-Z execution of the entire innovation process 


Axis Innovation provides consulting services to corporations and governments on startup engagement and programs. We provide unique advisory services to help you successful set up innovation hub programs, an accelerator or incubator. When required, we also conduct in-depth market or technology research.

Our services include:

Axis Innovation is a true partner. They have helped Ford develop the MakeitDriveable brand into something recognized industry wide. In a very crowded industry full of “Hackathons” the collaboration with Axis has consistently delivered not only great value to Ford but delivered events that continue to evolve and beat expectations.

Scott Lyons

Global Pertnerships

@Ford Motor Company

Who: The Tech & Commercial Partnerships team at Ford Motor Co., one of the world’s largest automakers.

What: Ford first came to Axis Innovation looking for startups to enhance the in-car driving and passenger experience. From 2015 to 2022, we helped design and manage MakeItDriveable, which became Ford’s largest startup challenge event and scouting project in Europe and Israel for over 7 years.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Sourced 5,000+ startups in 20+ countries.

  • Created network of 100+ international partners.

  • Organized 30+ local events across Israel and Europe, as well as large annual events.

  • 10+ successful partnerships and integrations between Ford and startups.

  • Created consumer and executive focus groups with detailed trend reports.

Who: Government seeking to set up a world-class air mobility hub and accelerator.

What: A major government initiative was set up to build a new technology hub in their region to to drive the future of air mobility. Axis Innovation was engaged, together with another consultancy, to conduct an extended Startup accelerator study.

Key Accomplishments:

  • In-depth market research of startup ecosystems, best practices of government innovation programs, air mobility trends, and mapping and analysis of over 200 startups.

  • Conducted 20+ direct interviews with leading air mobility hubs, corporations, and investors.

  • Created 50+ slide presentations with practical recommendations and steps for the air mobility accelerator.

  • Creation of multiple steps, timeline, and guided methodology for setting up an accelerator and attracting top talent.

Who: The ventures and innovation team at Centrica, a 200 year old international energy company in the UK.

What: Centrica Ventures came to us to design, setup, and manage a startup challenge in the EV charging space. We worked with their team to define the specific challenges facing EVs and 

created marketing materials and a website, qualifying application, and managed the dealflow process. The resulting event was a successful demo day with 20 presenting startups, leading to a winner and a successful POC with Centrica UK.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Researched and contacted 200+ startups and companies.

  • Filtered dozens of applications, 20 startups were selected as finalists.

  • Organized a full day of 1-1 meetings with logistics and review materials.

  • EV mobility app startup selected as winner and for POC with Centrica in UK. 

  • Other startups were shortlisted on Centrica’s investment pipeline.


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