Our proactive approach includes working 1-1 with select companies year round, as well as annual events and roadshows for startups to pitch on stage around the world and meet investors face to face.


For founders, raising early stage is a hard job that can take them away from building their business and a heavy toll on personal life. Founders and investors waste so much time and energy finding the right match, and the job only gets harder when looking internationally. 


Experiencing this problem first hand as investors and entrepreneurs, we began working with early stage startups to prepare for funding rounds back in 2008 - when “accelerators” were still a new concept. Since then, we’ve built a vast network of investors and strategic partners around the globe, closed many successful deals, and developed deep expertise in early stage funding for both sides. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built and the companies we’ve help scale up globally, get acquired or go through an IPO.


Our menu of advisory services include strategy and idea consulting, pitch deck and executive summary writing, investor pitch preparation, as well as advising during every step of the process from first meeting through signing the term sheet. We have solid relationships with over 1,000 investors from over 40 countries ranging from VC’s, Corporations, private investors and family offices and help connect with the most strategic matches. We work year round with investors to stay up to date on their interests, activities and investments so we can create the most relevant and successful match. 


We provide deal scouting, an exclusive investor newsletter, sector and industry reports, and more. Our dealflow comes from leading Israeli investors, VC’s, accelerators, and service providers who trust our management team to help their startups. We also take a proactive approach sourcing companies at all stages, enabling us to present unique investment opportunities to our investors and clients.


Axis Innovation is proud to work with innovative startups, investors, and leading corporations from around the world.  We've played a key role in securing investment and strategic deals for over 20 companies from a variety of sectors including Enterprise, Big Data, Fintech, Cyber Security, IOT, Internet, Mobile, Material Sciences, Hardware, and more.