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Elena Privalova

CEO @VentureClub

Has been involved in venture investments in 2011. Became the head of VentureClub in 2014. During this time, the company has become one of the most prominent players in the Russian market of venture capital investments. “Russian venture market just has been developing. In China, for instance, in one way or another, 130 million people invest their own money, and that is about the entire population of Russia! In Russia, it is a common opinion that investment is the prerogative of the rich. So, the market prospects are enormous, that is why we are developing it today."


VentureClub is a crowdinvesting platform, which offers co-investment possibilities to private investors, enabling them to invest in startups alongside with professional venture market participants. Outstanding achievements are impossible without the coordinated teamwork of top-class professionals.VentureClub Team combines a wide range of competencies: from classical financial markets instruments to the entrepreneurial experience. Each participant brings his or her expertise, accumulated over the years of practice, providing synergy for maximum efficiency.

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