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Leonard Kleinmann

Chief Cyber Security Advisor – Asia Pacific Japan, RSA

Len Kleinman is the Chief Cyber Security Advisor for RSA APJ focusing on Government. He has over 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, with an early focus on Oracle CASE, network operations and database administration. His current focus is to work with executives and business stakeholders to make security a strategic priority that translates into business value. 


For the last 14 years, Len has worked in senior roles in IT security at the Australian Tax Office, including governance and risk, compliance, and the IT Security Advisor role. 


In his most recent role as Senior Director of the Vulnerability Management and Research team (VMR), Len contributed to the development, implementation and review of cyber security strategy. Focus areas included specialist advice and policy on a range of business and technical activities, strategic and operational planning, service provider engagement, contingency and incident response, and threat intelligence. 


During this time, Len developed one of the leading technical security teams in Australian Federal Government delivering a range of specialist technical services encompassing: 

- Security testing (penetration testing) 

- Red teaming 

- IT security incident response, and 

- Cyber threat intelligence and hunting. 


The team was recognised through numerous national and international awards


Len is the current Branch Executive for the Canberra chapter of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) and is a member of the Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance and also the Forbes Technology Council. He has qualifications in Information Systems, Management, Tax Administration Law and Risk Management. A security technology community activist, he is involved in and supports several cyber security and technology organisations and regularly speaks at security events. 

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