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Christian Karam

Director and Global Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, UBS

Mr Karam is the Director and Global Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at UBS where he oversees the bank's threat intelligence service that enables the delivery, consumption, analysis and actioning of cyber threat intelligence from various sources to provide the bank with risk awareness and the operations teams with valuable intelligence to identify threat indicators, tactics, techniques and procedures that inform and enable the timely mitigation and response to threats. Also in his role, Mr Karam conducts security research and excellence activities in thought leadership specifically in the area of security and cybercrime.


Prior to joining UBS, Mr Karam was the head of the cyber research laboratory and the lead cyber threat researcher at INTERPOL. Mr Karam developed the activities in the fields of global cyber threat research, future trends analysis, cyber intelligence and R&D within the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI). Prior to joining INTERPOL, Mr Karam was an independent security researcher, penetration tester, and security consultant for several private sector firms. 


Mr Karam's subjects of interest and expertise are threat intelligence, threat research, cybercrime, darknets and underground economy. Mr Karam researches also Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for potential future threats and abuse around money laundering and criminal activities.


Mr Karam is a member of the INTERPOL Global Cybercrime Experts Group, a member of the BlackHat Review Board and an accomplished public speaker covering highly rated security conferences, governmental events and think tank forums. 

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