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October 2017

by: Ari Solomon

Cybersecurity. Our 360 ° Perspective

The wooden pin lock was invented in Mesopotamia 6,000 years ago; since that time mankind continues to develop new and innovative ways to secure all that needs protection.

Locks today are not only for physical security but are required to protect nearly every item in our hyper-connected and digital lives. We are quickly evolving, a few connected IoT devices will soon become a billion Internet of Everything devices - with software and connectivity infiltrating cars, cities, food and eventually human beings. As our mastery and integration of this technology grows so does our dependence, and that dependence creates new and unforeseen threats and risks.

Industry leaders, C-level executives, renowned investors and innovative startups gathered at the premier of CyberConnect 360 to discuss the future of the cyber industry, how to protect against an attack and what best practices organizations should immediately take to reduce their risk. Rob Sloan, director of cybersecurity research at WSJ Pro Cyber emphasized that companies must work together and share information to avoid breaches and recruit top-level employees to close the talent gap and protect against sophisticated threats.

Being hacked; in the opinion of the esteemed panelists discussing ‘Best Cyber Practices’ -  it is not a question of “if” but “when”. It is essential for organizations to set their priorities and build basic cyber-hygiene protocols to defend themselves. Shobhit Dubey, VP Technology & Digital Solutions APME at McKinsey & Company emphasized that people make mistakes, computers break down and bad things will continue to happen - making it imperative to test people and technology while prioritizing company assets.The Managing Director, Asia Pacific of Darktrace, Sanjay Aurora discussed the shift that Darktrace has helped usher in -- autonomous reactions to cyber threats in which machines will defend machines. These technologies are pushing the boundaries of the lock and key - helping create a more secure future that benefits us all.

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