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blog1 | March 21, 2017

Autodesk’s AutoCAD Gets Cheetah Solver from Cloud Invent

Israeli-based Cloud Invent has built a replacement parametric solver for AutoCAD that the company says revolutionizes the way users work.

Cloud Invent is a CAD solutions provider and has announced the launch the commercial release of Cheetah Solver for AutoCAD.


What is Cheetah Solver?

AutoCAD already has parametric technology but Cheetah Solver is a plugin that replaces it with enhanced parametric technology.

Cheetah Solver is a robust and powerful parametric geometric constraint system that helps users work more efficiently with sketching, design modifications, and motion simulation. The company is moving to full commercial release after a successful beta testing period that lasted six months and included 1500 users from 20 countries.

01 – An image of Cheetah Solver plugin for AutoCAD in action. (watch the video below to see more…)

“We built a world-class product that converts AutoCAD into much more powerful parametric CAD application,” said Nick Sidorenko, founder and Chief Executive Officer for Cloud Invent. “We are extremely excited to have reached the point of our commercial launch. Rest assured we will continue improving Cheetah Solver bringing new functions and benefits to AutoCAD users.”

What You Can Do With Cheetah Solver

The Cheetah Solver plugin allows AutoCAD users to:

  • Easily modify complicated models (consisting of many thousand constraints)

  • Explore more design concepts with robust sketching (using smooth and stable drag)

  • Simulate kinematic behavior of designed models.

Cheetah Solver the plugin runs on the Autodesk Forge Platform and enables designers and engineers to:

  • Perform automatic modifications to 2D CAD models saved in DWG files

  • Enjoy all the benefits of Cheetah Solver without the need to install the plugin into AutoCAD

  • Leverage the power of Cheetah Solver even while working with other CAD applications

The Cheetah Solver solution for the cloud, called Cheetah Cloud Service, will be available soon, but the plugin is available now.

Cheetah Solver is available for AutoCAD version 2016, 2017, and 2018. To learn more visit their website here.

You can watch the solver in action below.

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