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March 2017

by: Ari Solomon

Startups, Time, and Money

We are 3 months into 2017 already, and time continues to tick away. For those in the startup world that never take a second off, the change of calendars is a minor detail, one that is hardly noted in all the going-ons of the Israeli startup ecosystem. Who has time for such trivialities when you are busy researching, filing for patents, fundraising, building a great team, creating a marketing strategy, scouring the best workplace, raising capital, finding a mentor, seeking an investment, applying for an accelerator….did I mention raising capital?

For any entrepreneur working in the startup ecosystem, chances are they didn’t create a startup to become a professional investment seeker / fundraiser / VC door-knocker. Yes, it is a necessary and critical step, but probably one that CEOs don’t take particular joy in carrying out. That is why Axis Innovation tries to make the process smoother, and assist in bringing strategic international investors together with top-notch Israeli tech startups.

Our experience across sectors and geographies, active global investor and partner networks, and ability to identify the right match for each side helps us provide real value and give startup founders 2 things critical to their success – more time to build your business, and money to help it grow.

For those startups looking for an investment, and investors looking for high-quality Israeli tech startups, Axis Tel Aviv ’17 is a unique event that cannot be missed. The event, held next week on March 7th & 8th will bring together over 20 presenting startups and 100+ investors from over 25 countries from around the world.

The event features startup pitches to investor panels, investor presentations, keynote speakers, 1-1 meetings, an exclusive dinner for startups and investors, and many opportunities for networking and unlimited opportunities for startups to evolve from the ‘door-knockers’ to the ones having a line of investors waiting to get their foot in the door.


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