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Liudmila Golubkova

Managing Partner

@Starta Capital

Liudmila started her carreer as a university teacher in the Moscow Financial University. In 1996-2011 she worked in a capacity of Business Development Manager and Strategy Director with a number of international and Russian companies, such as Oxford University Press, Golden Telecom, X5 Retail Group and other, in different industries (education, Internet, telco, supply chain, retail, and agrochemicals). In 2013, she cofounded a Starta Capital VC seed fund as a Management Partner. In 2015, she launched a NYC based Starta Accelerator for tech startups from Russia and Eastern Europe. In 2017 the accelerator was succefully tokenized thru an ICO bringing 5MM USD. Several companies backed by Liudmila have since collected over 26MM USD at token sales.

Starta Capital invests in early stage innovative and technological B2B and B2C companies and projects. Starta Capital Investment Differentiators: · Focuses on liquidity from initial consideration of an investment, identifying potential acquirers as well as their potential acquisition. · Starta invest in early stage technological innovations with global adaptable business models. · They have a proven method to select strong, motivated teams with leadership capacity in the CIS and US."


Sectors: B2B/Enterprise, Big Data, E-commerce, Media, Mobile

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