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The Centrica EV Challenge

 Provide a Solution for a Specific Player/Topic in the EV Usage Chain

EV User

Physical charging of vehicle

an EV user does not always have access to a convenient place to charge the vehicle such as adjacent to home or office.  The vehicle may need to be charged while parked on-street (perhaps even a busy street), may need charging at a remote location, or may need charging in confined or difficult conditions.  

This Challenge is to provide

solutions for the EV User to physically charge a vehicle safely, conveniently, and quickly under sub-optimum circumstances.

Energy Supplier

Metering of EV charging

an energy supplier wants to provide customers with products and services that support customer use of EV's.  This may involve features of a smart meter at the customer's home, or metering charging at a remote location and properly billing the charging to the customer's home account. 

This Challenge is to provide

solutions (hardware, software, or technology) for the Energy Suppler to support customers' EV charging through metering and billing in different locations and environments.

Commercial EV Owner

Metering and billing of EV charging by employee

a company may provide EV's to its employees who charge the vehicles at home or another location.  In such a situation the charging costs should be billed directly to the company, and also charging should be timed for planned charging duration, lowest electricity rates, and other considerations. 

This Challenge is to provide

the Commercial EV Owner with solutions for employee usage of company EV's, particularly in billing of charging the vehicle.

EV Fleet Operator

Issues of Last-Mile delivery

an operator of an EV delivery fleet needs a solution for deliveries in urban and suburban areas.  Such a solution includes addressing the operational and financial issues of using EV's for deliveries.  

This Challenge is to provide

the EV Fleet Operator with solutions to support EV usage during the last-mile delivery process.


Integration of multi-modal transportation methods and payments

a commuter engages in multiple modes of transportation which may include shared bicycles/scooters, private/Electric vehicles, subway/light rail, Uber, park-and-ride, ride-sharing, buses, trains, taxis, and others.  Usage and payment is fragmented across the different transportation types and providers. 

This Challenge is to provide

 the commuter with solutions that integrate planning, actualization, and payment of multi-modal transportation through one platform.  This may also include complexities such as splitting fares and earning travel energy credits through renewable energy utilized during the process.

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