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January 2017

by: Ed Frank

Mobility Innovation - CES, Nevada and Safer Driving

Getting from point A to point B safely and efficiently has become one of the hottest topics in tech, interesting of course automobile manufacturers, Tier-1 suppliers, ride sharing companies, financial services companies and of course the general public who are beginning to see the disruptions that are going to affect this $2 trillion-dollar industry.  

The problem of distracted drivers has caused a significant increase in fatal road accidents- according to the US National Traffic Safety Administration- the highest increase in more than 50 years. According to a recent study by the NHTSA, at any given moment approximately 660,000 US drivers are using their smartphone while driving. In fact, 94% of traffic accidents are due to human error according to the NHTSA. 

Government and private companies shave begun to search for a way to reduce these accidents.  Axis Innovation in partnership with the Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility (CAM) and UNLV created the Highway for Innovation on January 3rd in Las Vegas adjacent to the CES conference to connect international startups that are addressing this issue and members of the mobility ecosystem.  Over 100 participants from leading automobile manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, from Ford, Jaguar, Honda,  Castrol to Cisco, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers  as well as transportation officials came to review new technologies that can be implemented effectively that were sourced by Axis Innovation over a three month period and selected by Nevada CAM.


Nevada is becoming the go to state for Mobility Innovation

Nevada’s history is closely tied to mobility- specifically driving and the needs for a growing state to improve safety and transportation options- as well as help the economy by creating jobs.  Tesla’s 21st century plant will be in Nevada and many innovative mobility companies- including Faraday Future are planning to set up in Nevada.  Recent innovations in the connected car – such as the Audi- Nevada Transportation Department connected traffic light pilot- as well as the focus on mobility at CES- led to the creation of the Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility and the recent Highway for Innovation event.


The international Perspective

Over 100 participants came to hear select international startups present their products that have already been implemented around the world in an effort to make roads a safer place.   A selection of the services that were offered: 

Driver or Passenger?

We might not be able to force drivers to not text or use apps while driving, but if insurance companies or employers would be able to know- automatically- with no hardware requirements- what drivers were using-  distracted driving can  be monitored and reduced.  Cellepathy, An Israeli company has developed the first software only solution to understand who is driving- and who is riding. 


Driver Monitoring - Current and Predictive

Can we create a driver guidance platform that uses road, driver and traffic data to improve efficiencies and reduce accidents?  Mogol, a US startup has created a real-time monitoring and propriety algorithms that will be embedded in the infotainment system or on a mobile, this service can direct drivers to improve traffic and safety now scheduled for pilot in a leading European car manufacturer.


Last mile Option

Mobility from the last mile to the door- bicycles and why not scooters?   Knot, a French startup that has already implemented in several cities in Europe a low cost-effective, compact green mobility solution for city commuters with an easy to deploy network with no infrastructure needed. 


By Ceo Ed Frank

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