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Jason Weiss 

January 2018

300 people, 25 presenting startups, over 50 international investors, 100+ 1–1 meetings — these are just a few highlights from last week’s Axis Tel Aviv. But all these numbers can be boiled down to just one word that really matters — relationships. | March 16, 2017

כנס Axis Tel-Aviv של Axis Innovation נערך ביום רביעי האחרון במרכז פרס לשלום  וחדשנות ביפו. מרכז פרס, המתנשא בגאון מעל החוף היפה של העיר יפו, היווה תפאורה מושלמת לקהל האירופאי ברובו

Ed Frank

January 2017

Getting from point A to point B safely and efficiently has become one of the hottest topics in tech, interesting of course automobile manufacturers, Tier-1 suppliers, ride sharing companies, financial services companies and of course the general public... | March, 2016

VCs and corporate investors are taking part in Tel Aviv event aimed at facilitating deals between global financiers and Israeli startups. | December 02, 2014

Ed Frank hails from the United States, but moved to Israel in 1990. He is the founder of Axis Innovation, which brings a unique perspective to growth-stage startups seeking international partners.

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