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Yoram Oron

Founder & General Partner, Vertex Ventures Israel

Mr. Yoram Oron founded Vertex Ventures Israel in 1997 as part of the Yozma Program together with Vertex Venture Holdings. Yoram laid down two cornerstones that have solidified the Fund: impressive returns for investors and leadership to attract the Fund’s investment team.

Yoram led investments in Cyber-Ark (NASDAQ: CYBR, $1.5B market cap), Waze (sold to Google for $1.3B), Morecom (sold to Liberate, US$561M), and Vision Tech (sold to Broadcom, US$250M). He delivers active board-level support at portfolio companies Cyber-Ark, Solar Edge and Argus Cyber Security.

Yoram holds an impressive track record both as a founder and manager of several successful high technology companies. Prior to founding Vertex, Yoram was a co-founder and Chairman of Telegate from its inception in 1993 until its acquisition by Terayon in 1999 for US$400 million. Previously, Yoram was President and CEO of Aryt Industries (NASDAQ: ARYTF), Co-Founder of Geotek Communications and Manager of its Military Division, and Co-Founder, President and CEO of Reshef Technologies.

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