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blog1 | July 24, 2016

Israel’s Gauzy to join Mercedez-Benz accelerator

Startup’s liquid crystal product brings high technology to glass, turning it from transparent to opaque and back in a variety of uses

Israeli startup Gauzy, which makes liquid crystal glass panels, or smart glass — used for applications from dimming the windows in a car to interactive shop windows — has been selected to take part in Mercedes-Benz’s accelerator program.

The program, set up in June, targets startups that are working on advanced technologies that can be incorporated into motor vehicles. Gauzy was among the 13 companies selected for the program, out of 300 startups that applied globally, the Tel Aviv-based company said.

Gauzy’s patented technology brings high technology to glass and allows for a number of applications, including controlling the transparency of windows to light, creating optical blinds within the glass, making the doors of a fridge fully see-through at a touch, and transforming the glass panels in bathrooms from transparent to opaque, for greater privacy.

“The choice of Gauzy by Mercedes-Benz is evidence of the official commitment by the automobile giant to long-term collaboration, whose fruits will be seen in the Mercedes luxury car category in the coming years,” Eyal Peso, the company’s chief executive officer said in a statement.

“Until now, there has been an informal commitment, and now it appears that this collaboration is gaining momentum and has become official. As a result we have opened designated offices in Stuttgart.”

The company, which was set up at the end of 2010 and employs 40 people, already has offices in Israel, Hungary and Los Angeles. Customers include private individuals, hotels and malls, the company said.

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