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Through the evolution of technology and greater competition for the customer’s attention, startups using AI, machine learning, and data analytics are becoming more and more important in the omni-channel journey.

  • Using these innovations, how can we know and anticipate customer needs better?

  • How can we create a better customer experience?

  • How can we convert and retain more customers, and provide a more customized experience to each customer using technology?

  • Are customers concerned about privacy issues?


Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality (VR) promises to transform every industry from manufacturing to retail and holds enormous potential.


  • How can AR and VR be used to enhance the entertainment industry and drive new experiences in mobile and platform gaming?

  • How can these technologies be used for more efficient business practices and branding?

  • How can AR and VR be used to enhance or even revolutionize e-commerce and entertainment?


Enterprise business is becoming more and more complex, thanks to massive growth in data and software.

  • How can we automate business processes to save time, money, and resources, while increasing efficiency?

  • How can companies harness data science tools to produce better insights and actions?

  • How to leverage the power of smart data to optimize industrial processes and deliver new services to users?


As all objects become embedded with sensors and introduced to the universe of IoT, security becomes a major concern.


  • With an unfathomable amount of data and information being stored, shared, and uploaded every second, and over 50 billion devices estimated to be connected by 2020 - how can the world of IoT remain secure?

  • How can smart cities, smart homes, autonomous vehicles, and other connected applications produce the 'world of tomorrow' that is safe and secure for both consumers and businesses?



The challenges are open to any startup team based in Israel or Europe with a minimum viable product. For accepted startups, there is a 100 NIS registration fee. For questions, please contact

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