Annabelle Mutzel & Jason Weiss
February 2022

Sustainability and Retail

In the retail sector, sustainability is becoming one of the most important issues for consumers and corporations alike. Whether it is new or used items, reduced impact packaging, or traceability of origins, consumers worldwide are increasingly aware of the impact of their lifestyles and shopping habits on the planet. They expect companies to demonstrate support for social and environmental matters and are putting their money where their values are. On the corporate side, retail companies are making sustainability and ESG a core value of their future business and growth.


Vitaly Mzokov, Head @Kaspersky

Innovation Hub

Partner Material: Deep tech startups and the era of corporate accelerators


Sam Lander & Jason Weiss
February 2022

The Automotive Industry moves to sustainability

Automotive companies are increasingly prioritising sustainability in their production and business processes. In 2020, the automotive industry produced over 3,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide which accounted for roughly half of the total emissions produced by the transport industry. New technologies and processes aimed at decarbonising both the production process and the vehicles themselves are attempting to decrease this figure and create a truly sustainable mobility industry.  

Ed Frank 

February 2021

Smart Cities - The Bucket List and Getting your startup inside

Innovation corridors are being established at leading cities around the world to incorporate the latest technologies to improve the lives of the residents. This represents a unique opportunity for startups and smart cities to create a symbiotic relationship - a win-win! At the recent Mobility Pioneer virtual event, co-organized by Axis Innovation, startups had the unique opportunity to hear from cities around the world share their vision for the future city and core areas of interests.

axis webinar logo image.png

Sourcing the Future of In-Car Technology

Jason Weiss

February 2021

The future of mobility is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics of 2021. COVID-19 accelerated an already rapid disruption fueled by electrification & autonomy, changing consumer habits, and connectivity & digitization. While each of these areas are massive opportunities independently, at Axis Innovation we’ve been particularly interested in how these trends merge together to change the in-car experience


Axis Innovation Team

June 2, 2020

4 Axis Investor Webinars in 4 Minutes

Axis Webinars came to life at a time when the world was at the most intense stage of lockdown, and provided a forum to connect worldwide investors, startups and others in the ecosystem — in a focused and interactive virtual format...

Vitaly Mzokov, Head of the Kaspersky Innovation Hub, partner of Axis Russia, talks about the new role of enterprises have in the venture market, the most prospective spheres to develop startups and Kaspersky innovations initiatives.


Axis Innovation Team

May 31, 2020


Webinar #6 review: Crisis-time startup-scaling

Since the coronavirus period began, we have been faced with a number of unprecedented challenges and considerations. One of the most important challenges which startups are dealing with now is that of budgets. 


Axis Innovation Team

May 19, 2020

Key takeaways from Webinar 5: Internal vs. External Innovation

For startups, innovators and anyone in the space, the insights brought were critical to really understanding how corporations see innovation on a strategic level, where the mandate and focus areas of innovation come from...


Axis Innovation Team

May 7, 2020

Axis Webinars brings Italian innovation to the fore

Axis Innovation decided to shine some light on Covid-19-stricken Italy, as the 4th part of Axis Webinars highlighted some of the most interesting Italian startups through an engaging online pitching session to worldwide investors. 

Distracted driving.png

Axis Innovation Team

April 26, 2020

Distracted driving not quite defeated by new tech, yet

Despite the fact that we have better screens, human-machine interfaces such as voice control heads up displays, and even gesture control, recent research has shown they may even lead to more distraction.

Alan Patricof.jpg

Axis Innovation Team

April 23, 2020

Core insights from the Axis online chat with Alan Patricof

We are pleased to have hosted Alan at several of our previous events, and he joined Axis Webinar from his home in New York for a unique 1–1 conversation about the current crisis. We covered a wide range of topics from fundraising today, growth, scaling in the US, sectors of opportunity, global issues, and more. 

axis 2 webinar eventbrite v2@1x-100.jpg

Key advice from the Axis Webinar on Innovation Now


Axis Innovation Team

April 16, 2020

Our panelists included 5 leading corporate executives in the automotive, consumer goods, retail and telecom sectors to share what is changing, how startups can find the right corporate partners, and what the future may look like post-Corona.

5G use cases and the Coronavirus hurdle


Axis Innovation Team

April 8, 2020


For the average consumer — and the telcos providing them services — questions remain about how they will use or benefit from 5G. So, the search continues. What are some of the main consumer use cases of 5G, and how can 5G help consumer industries that have been affected by the pandemic?...


5 Key Takeaways from the Axis Investor Webinar


Riley Freeman, Axis Innovation

April 5, 2020

The past few weeks have brought unprecedented change to the world and the global startup ecosystem. Entrepreneurs and investors in all fields are facing challenges and uncertainty which they may never have had to deal with before, as they search for the best strategies to get them through the months ahead...


Key Takeaways from

the Axis Tel Aviv 2020


Anita Levor

February 2020

The event began with Ibex Investors Founder and CIO Justin Borus’s keynote presentation, “Get Funded Now: What VCs are really looking for in Start-Ups”, where he emphasized the need for realistic expectations and building credibility.  Start-Ups need to be priced to sell, with realistic projections and justification of the amount they seek to raise by presenting milestones they expect to reach with it.  Individuals must be coachable, open to advice and questions, shouldn’t “have all the answers”, and need to acknowledge the risks and concerns. 

axis (214).jpg

5 Takeaways

From Axis Telecom Event

Jason Weiss

December 2019

100 industry experts, startups, investors, and ecosystem leaders from over 10 countries gathered at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on December 5th to discuss the future of the telecom industry. Axis Corp Edition: Telecom - Axis Innovation’s latest event and the first dedicated event for telecom innovation in Israel - focused on 3 of the industry’s most pressing challenges today: The Customer Experience, 5G & IOT Solutions, and New Value Added Services.


Ed Frank 

November 2019

Porto ScaleUP:

Smart Capital Summit In partnership with Porto ScaleUP

What are the key challenges facing startup investors in key ecosystems? Axis Innovation in partnership with Porto Digital brought...


Axis Innovation Team

March 2019

Renault Innovation Tour in Tel Aviv 2019

In March 2019 Axis Innovation organized Innovation tour for Renault Fleet managers from all across Europe.

India-Israel flag combination

Technology relationships are developing very rapidly between India and Israel in many directions - agriculture, environment, military, and business among others...


Axis Innovation Team

February 2019

Axis Tel Aviv is Axis Innovation's flagship innovation conference taking place at the newly renovated Peres Center for Peace and Innovation...

Ed Frank 

December 2018

WSJ D Live Startup Panel

In the startup world - between corporate innovation, disruption, changing business models the magic world is “follow the unicorns”...


Axis Innovation Team

November 2018


Axis Innovation Team

October 2018

Axis Innovation Roadshow team

Jason Weiss

July 2018

Last month we wrapped up our 2018 Roadshows to Moscow and New York. For the first time, we combined both cities into the same week, making it some of the most busy and exciting travel days we’ve had...

Identifying Disruptive Innovation 

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