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Axis Innovation Team | June 2, 2020

4 Axis Investor Webinars in 4 Minutes

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Axis Webinars came to life at a time when the world was at the most intense stage of lockdown, and provided a forum to connect worldwide investors, startups and others in the ecosystem — in a focused and interactive virtual format. To date, we have had 4 webinars with investors discussing startup strategies during the corona period — considering fundraising, business development, budgets and more. Here, we present some of the key advice that has come out of these webinars so far.

Despite all the challenges, it is certainly a time of opportunity. Different industries are going to experience different results of the current crisis, but if companies are willing to adapt and be proactive, they can certainly come out as survivors. Therefore, it can be a good time to invest since everything needs to be more dynamic than usual, and investors do still need to deploy their capital. There are opportunities to pivot now, or simply the chance to adapt to the virtual format of most things currently — presenting various ways to remain successful. Legendary investor Alan Patricof noted that Greycroft, of which he is Managing Director, is looking to keep companies financed appropriately now so that they can withstand this period — so actions are being taken to make sure that it’s not all bad.

A New York Times article notes the fact that aside from the basic distractions such as looking at screens or focusing on pressing buttons, using technology in the car also simply distracts our minds. When using voice control or simply having phone calls, our thoughts shift towards what we are trying to say or hear, which almost certainly will decrease reaction time to any unexpected event.

Although it is a time to cut costs and build up cash, don’t neglect your existing customer base. By proactively being in touch with current clients and customers, you can ensure that those who are already bringing you revenue are kept happy. Once that’s looked after, it may be a great time to try to jump ahead of locked-down competitors if you have an offer that can help you to do so, as pointed out by Sever Totia — Partner at 3TS Capital. If you look to accelerate and have a clear value proposition, then it is likely that you will be able to raise funds at this time. Investors are still looking for returns and feel that it is a long-term game, meaning that a good proof of concept will still be given serious consideration — even if it is not likely to generate immediate traction. Clearly, it might not simply be a time to shy away, but rather to work harder than ever.

What do our attendees think of some of our Axis Webinars?

“Some informative speakers outside my usual network of investment partners with very honest (seemingly!) views and opinions. Great interplay between speakers, professionally managed and really useful insights.” — Alex, UK

“The event was interesting, informative and allowed understanding of the current state of events in multiple industries.” — Eitan, Israel

“Great organization, including the small things — the background design is a brilliant idea! It’s very important to keep the connection with the rest of the world during these challenging times, to hear reassuring stories and bring in new ideas.” — Nikita, UK

Several more Axis Webinars are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled! It’s a time when engagement, connection and advice are desperately needed, and we’re here to provide that. Connecting the global innovation world is what Axis Innovation does best!

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